KAARBS version bump (v0.7)

30 Mar 2023

My post-installation script for Arch Linux went through a complete rewrite, with the following changes:

  • Whiptail dialog boxes for an easier end-user experience.
  • More packages (vim, airshipper, ranger, btop, unimatrix, you-get, lobster).
  • Dmenu is no longer used in favor of Rofi, however it is kept installed for those who want to continue using it.
  • Custom rofi themes.
  • Removed AUR version of Mupen64Plus.
  • Changed ani-cli source from GitHub to AUR.

KAARBS can be ran from a minimal archlinux base (kernel+coreutils+gpu drivers+xorg) to set up a functioning system, or on a pre-existing Arch installation to have a streamlined method of obtaining the packages included in the script.

EDIT: There is now a KAARBS manual - use this as a general guide on how to use and modify KAARBS.


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