Hayden White's Personal Site

I like to make music. Below is an (incomplete) index of my projects.
My discography is available on Bandcamp as well as the SLSK network.

Active Projects

white VHS Active 2017-present

In early 2017, I released an acoustic album recorded in my bedroom titled "home videotape". From there I worked on instrumentals for a couple years until the release of "VCR" in 2019 which is a mix of my electronic stuff with vocals. Nowadays it's mainly instrumental video-game music remixes, hip-hop and vaporwave inspired stuff.

*These two tracks are from the 88 'n' Beyond beat compilations curated and arranged by members of the KNX community.

UNDO Active 2021-present

Mid-2021 was my time for experimentation; to break free of my rhythm and try something new. I debuted as UNDO with a signalwave EP/visual that I made in just 2 days. Since then it's evolved into a breakbeat fueled fever dream, bouncing around genres like traditional DnB to more chaotic breakcore or even noise.

Dash Talk Active 2018-present

I've been playing bass with a couple good buds in this dope band since 2018. We won a local Battle of the Bands contest which is how we got our EP recorded. It was shortly after that (around mid 2020) we took a few years hiatus (almost 3.5 years) but now we are back, playing shows and coming up with new material.

Inactive Projects

クリスタル H Active 2015-2015

VIRTUALBOY 64 Active 2016-2019

PALM プレイグランド Active 2016-2016

angelmask Active 2019-2019

Cassette Tapes Active 2016-2019